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DEVIN LOGISTICS USA specializes in ocean and air cargo transportation. Based in Miami, Florida, USA, DEVIN LOGISTICS USA serves major cities in Latin America, South America and Central America.


  • Logistics
  • Customs Clearance
  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Ocean and Air Cargo
  • Intermodal


  • Latin America
  • South America
  • Central America

DEVIN LOGISTICS USA customer service is available to get you the FASTEST quote, and to assist you in booking your cargo, arranging pick-up and scheduling your shipment to its final destination.

As a freight forwarding organization, DEVIN LOGISTICS USA provides cargo transportation services for the following industries:

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Agricultural equipment (tractor parts)
  • Computer equipment and computer parts, computer peripherals (hardware and software)
  • Vehicles (automobiles, trucks, busses)
  • Auto and truck parts
  • Heavy Equipment and machinery (machinery spare parts)
  • Generator sets (generator parts)
  • Chemicals
  • Electrical materials
  • Construction materials
  • Vessel supplies
  • Industrial equipment
  • Perishable goods (seafood, fish, plants, flowers)
  • Laundry equipments and boilers and Parts
  • Aircraft parts (airplane parts, helicopter parts)
  • Marine equipment (boat parts)
  • Watercraft (jet skies, wave runners)
  • Health and Beauty Aids
  • General cargo

Our services

DEVIN LOGISTICS USA provides air freight service to worldwide destinations. Your shipments move on the next-available-flight-out basis and are routed for same-day departure. We can air freight anything from a small, time sensitive parcel to heavy equipment that requires expedited service. There are no weight or size requirements. However, we do have to comply with the aircraft specifications.

Within our airfreight structure, we can track the shipment from origin to its destination, via our system. Flight details, such as date of departure and arrival, flight number and airway bill is available to the client and provided prior to shipment departure.

• Commercial invoice with description of goods and its corresponding value.
• Shippers Instruction, including insurance amount, freight terms (prepaid/collect/third party) and type of service required.

DOOR-TO-AIRPORT Air Freight Service DEVIN LOGISTICS USA Door-to-Airport air freight service provides daily departures to worldwide destinations. This service includes pick-up at origin city and aircargo transportation to the destination’s airport. The consignee must arrange pick-up of the shipment at the airport. In the event of an international consignment, customs clearance is required and duties may apply. This must be arrange and paid by the consignee at destination. Door-to-Airport air freight charges may be prepaid or collect.

DOOR-TO-DOOR Air Freight With DEVIN LOGISTICS USA Door-to-Door Service, the shipment is handled from the shipper’s warehouse or door, all the way to the recipient’s location. We arrange customs clearance at destinations and delivery. Customs duties, tariffs and/or taxes at destination is based on the commercial value of the shipment and is payable by the consignee or receiving party. All consignments’ are handled on a next-available-flight-out basis to ensure expedited delivery.

DEVIN LOGISTICS USA also provides ocean freight transportation to the major ports overseas. The shipments are booked on the vessels sailing to the closest port of your shipments destination. Shipping containers are available. Once the shipment arrives, appropriate customs clearance procedures must be arranged by the consignee with their customs brokers or the DEVIN LOGISTICS USA  agent at destination. Customs duties and/or tariffs will be based on the value of the commercial invoice and payable by the consignee.

List of Ocean Freight Services:

Full Container Loads (F.C.L.):
• 20 Foot Contaniner
• 40 Foot Contaniner
• 40 Foot High-Cube Contaniners

Less than Container Loads (L.C.L.):
• 20 Foot Flat-Beds or Flat-Racks
• 40 Foot Flat-Beds or Flat-Racks
• Break Bulk

As contract freight haulers, DEVIN LOGISTICS USA  Inland Freight Division provides door-to-door domestic and international freight transportation to most major cities worldwide. For shipments less-than trailer loads (LTL), the freight is consolidated in our contracted vans and transported to the recipient’s (consignee’s) door.

Most shipments are handled for business-to-business, but arrangements can be made for residential pick-up or delivery for an additional fee.

For freight consignments that require a full truck load (FTL), we dedicate a van or truck for the entire freight move, from the shipper’s door until it is received by the recipient.

Our Inland Freight and Inter-modal Division also handles bulk and oversize shipments, which normally move on flat-beds, flat-racks, low-boys, low-decks and other specialized equipment. These consignments may require special permits, depending on the size and weight.

Some shipments tendered for other transportation modes, such as air freight and ocean freight, can be combined with our Inland Freight Division in order to provide a complete freight transportation move and to maximize efficiencies in the shipment transaction. By combining different modes of transportation, we are able to expedite your shipments across countries and use more efficient modes of transportation for pick-up, delivery or simply transporting the product to the nearest port.

For shipments traveling within the USA, our service is domestic door-to-door. Additionally, we can provide the inland freight transportation service across the boarders to Canada and Mexico.

The following information is required:
• Description of goods
• Number of pieces
• Weight of each piece
• Overall dimensions (length x width x height) of each piece
• Shipper’s contact information, including city, zip code and telephone number
• Consignee’s (recipient’s) contact information, including city, zip code and telephone number

The following is a list of goods we normally handle as inland freight:
• Heavy equipment and machinery
• Agricultural equipment
• Construction equipment and machinery
• Tractors
• Road-making machinery
• Cranes
• Marine engines
• Building and fabrication materials
• Medical equipment
• Food processing equipment
• Hotel and restaurant equipment
• Health and beauty aids (HBA)

When importing goods, the shipment must clear customs. As customs brokers, DEVIN LOGISTICS USA  or its designated agent can clear the goods through customs and have the shipment delivered to its final destination. In order for clearance, proper documentation is required:

• Bill of Lading or Airway bill
• Commercial invoice with description and value of the goods
• Power of Attorney

Additional documentation may be needed, depending on the commodity, value and origin.

Also, shipments can move in-transit to a final country of destination.

In the U.S.A., DEVIN LOGISTICS USA and its team consist of highly-trained import professional that posse’s thorough knowledge of tariff schedules and Customs regulations.

For every shipment entering the United States, there are about 500 pages of Customs regulations and thousands of tariff items. And as brokers, we are well-versed in determining proper classifications and dutiable value.

When you look at the World the way we do, you can see why we are the preferred Custom Broker in the Americas.

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